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When I wanted to get a new logo designed for my company, I was about to use the services of quite a well-known website which offers the work to a great many freelance designers. In a process of due diligence I came across a number of comments and articles about such websites, describing the flood of clipart and other low quality offerings, and that access to better, professional designers would need expensive upgrades with no guarantee of quality.

One of the most eloquent of those articles was written by Grace. I was impressed and felt intuitively that what she had written was true. I was already getting spammy emails from the company. I looked at her portfolio and was very impressed with her work.

I decided to use her services for designing a logo for our company, Asia Drinks Ltd. She is very structured and precise in her approach to work, and I felt we had good understanding. I was impressed with her designs which we still use today. We eventually commissioned another two pieces of work for our retail divisions (www.whiskyhongkong.com.hk & www.sherryhongkong.com.hk). We’ve started using black and white versions of the same logos. I am also very happy with the after sales support. I am very happy to recommend her.

Jack Cummins, Asia Drinks, Ltd.


Grace designed our new logo along with numerous business and marketing documents. Grace’s service was exceptional at all times and very cost-effective.  We are a small law firm and Grace’s expertise and cost effective approach has helped us to improve our professional image to allow us to compete with the larger (more highly resourced) law firms.

Grace was extremely patient with receiving our often inconsistent feedback and was happy to do what it took to achieve an outcome we were happy with. We couldn’t recommend Grace’s service any higher and we will certainly be using her services moving forward to help us maintain that professional edge.

Andrew Redburn, Active Law


Originally we wanted to give our logo design work to one of the design contest sites. By chance we stumbled upon a blog article by Grace talking about these contest sites. I liked her way of thinking about these sites and about the relationship between customer and designer. I browsed her website and her designs took immediately my fancy. It was a gut decision to contact her and finally to work together with Grace. And I never regretted this decision.

We really enjoyed the cooperation with Grace. All the different design options she created for us matched our vision and sometimes it was difficult for us to make a decision. She was always very patient and supportive. Every design step was a step in the right direction. And even if our feedback was vague we always had the feeling that Grace knew exactly what we had in mind.

If I have ever another design work to do – either for me or customers – I would love to cooperate with Grace again.

Susanne Krause, Drift The World


We were lucky to find Grace to fulfill our needs when it came to help with a logo and styling our organization. She took the time to carefully understand our personality and matched it with a unique and standout image. We were happy with the Grace’s guidance, work process and responsiveness to match our needs. We look forward to working with Grace on other projects.

Jeff Emery, Ember Consulting


I never met Grace Oris. Never talked to her on the phone. After looking at her online gallery of work, I knew she could design a logo for Acoustic that would jump right off the page.

I was right. After answering questions about the nature of our work (sending electricity through water to kill bacteria) and listing some logos I liked (Japan Radio Company, Roadway Trucking, FedEx) Grace replied with a logo that exceeded my requirements – it is bright, it is bold, it is unlike anything else in the water treatment industry and, best of all, it does not look like it came from a logo mill.

The feedback from clients has been 100% positive. The colors, the fonts, the ‘attitude’ is exactly right, and they remember Acoustic Water Treatment Services.

Charles “Luke” Lukey, Acoustic Water Treatment Services


I have really enjoyed working with you Grace. You have been very patient and understanding, even when we’ve changed back and forth from one idea to another. Actually many of your original ideas and suggestions were the ones we settled on in the end; we just did a bit of exploring of other possibilities until realising that what you’d already suggested from the beginning was in fact the best. You were very accommodating of these various ideas and iterations and were never unsettled by our requests or changes.

I definitely feel like you have tried your best to understand our business and what we wanted for its logo. You are clearly an intelligent and gifted designer but, more importantly I think, you are also caring about and invested in your work and your customers and have a keen desire to collaborate with and communicate well with them. I am impressed with your work and your attitude. Thanks so much for your help!

Shane and Angela Ray, Best Buy Steel


Grace, I wanted to take the time to write a recommendation for the work you’ve done for my projects. I had initially found you because of the heartfelt blog posts you write. I’m glad I did, because it’s rare to find exceptional artistic talent that is so open to other’s ideas AND patient with multiple changes. I think you have the unique combination that is required for design excellence and customer satisfaction. Keep up the good work! Look forward to many more projects with you in future.



Pallav Sharda, Plexogenic; Surreal Earth


Combine creativity and talent, a strong desire for successful outcomes and a complete can-do attitude and you get… Grace Oris.

Grace was very diligent in gaining a clear understanding of our company needs. She applied her creative magic, limitless energy and professional work ethic to help us achieve our branding goals.

The experience was both enlightening and fun… exceeding all expectations every step of the way.

Lisa Chuma, Founder – Inspirational Woman Magazine


I’ve been working with Grace for years. I’m so impressed with Grace’s skill, professionalism and quality of work. Having worked with a lot of designers, I feel very lucky and privileged to work with Grace. I can always trust that she will interpret the project and deliver exactly what I want (even if I don’t know exactly what I want until I see it). You will be in great hands!


Daniel Kurt, Chief Automator & Infusionsoft Certified Consultant – Revenue Creators


As a brand new startup on a shoestring budget, we were trying to get some design work done to establish our brand identity. Initially, we looked at some “design contest” sites, but their approach seemed unfair to the designers and the client, since we were not assured of getting quality output, if the designer was not assured of winning the contest.

While searching the web for alternatives to design contests, I stumbled upon Grace’s site, where she presented a unique perspective from the designer’s side on these contests. What struck me the most was Grace’s candor and her intelligence, which shone through in her writings. Intrigued, I took a peek at her design portfolio and artwork and came away thoroughly impressed. Based on a strong “hunch” I convinced my business partner and we both decided to give our branding work to Grace.

Over the course of the next several weeks, we were vindicated for placing our trust in Grace’s abilities. She quickly understood our space, conducted independent research and offered us her creative inputs on the design. From there, we went through an interactive process with many iterations to get to our finished product. I admit at times we were a real pain in the neck, but not once did Grace grumble or complain, always taking our (sometimes) inane inputs in her stride, while driving towards the finish line. She was quick to understand and even faster in churning out revisions.

Even though we were located in the US, all our communications happened in real time, thanks to the internet. All in all, a very positive experience. We are very happy with the entire brand package that Grace put together for us. In the future, if we have any design needs, we will go right back to Grace and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to others looking to get their design work done. She is that good. You will not be disappointed.

Arun K., Co-Founder and COO – REEnewal Corporation


How can an eye-catching logo serve your purpose? This was proven by the logo made for us voluntarily by Grace. The logo which expresses the mission of AhamBhumika — to serve the underprivileged, attracts everyone who sees it on Twitter and Facebook. Whoever has seen the logo has asked us who made it. It is an awesome logo which expresses not only our vision and mission but also compels the viewer to go through it and go through us.

Subrat Goswami, Volunteer – AhamBhumika


Hi Grace! I’m very satisfied with how this logo turned out. I really liked how the SG guitar was incorporated into the design, it’s exactly the way I wanted it although I didn’t really know how to create it. But you did Thanks and good luck!

Eric Monsanto, Guitarnode


Our church will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this August so I thought it was about time we had an honest to goodness logo to give our church and community a symbol to represent us. We’ve used at least two logos in the past but due to the absence of a decent file, we couldn’t reproduce them into letterheads, t-shirt designs and other church-related items. I also wanted a new logo with a touch of professionalism, artistry and modernity, without sacrificing simplicity and meaning. I stumbled across Grace’s site and requested to view her portfolio. When I saw her designs, I considered her to design for our church. I admired her creativity and persistence as she solicited our ideas, what we stand for, what we want to exude to the community and others. I realized she really wanted our true personality to come out in the logo, much more than what we had originally thought of and requested her to do! She regularly communicated with us, asking feedback on her designs and immediately supplying us with revisions. The result was splendid as it combined simplicity and meaning.

Daniel Castillo, Pastor – Community Bible Fellowship


I always wanted to create a logo for my photos on my own, that I can call my own, and be proud of; but I never had the time nor did I have the skill to do it until Grace came by and offered to assist. I checked her portfolio and was impressed by it and decided to go for it. And it was indeed a very good decision. From the onset, Grace was very patient and enduring. Sure, there will always be tweaks after the first samples come out, but Grace always stepped up and came out with a better one each and every time. I am impressed on how she incorporated everything I had in mind and came out with a logo that I really like. She is truly an expert in what she does. As of this writing, Grace is busy designing my business card and website. Am sure it will turn out as what I expect it to be, I would guess even more.

Jennings Alabanza, Jennings Alabanza Photography


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