Acoustic Water Treatment Services

Client: Charles Lukey

The Project. AWTS is a certified reseller of the HydroFLOW product, a device designed to kill bacteria and reduce limescale in water pipes. The motto “clean water, clean pipes, no chemicals” encapsulates the company’s mission.


The Process. Luke and I worked together over email. Here’s a glimpse of how the project went.

some of the sketches
ACSketch3 ACSketch2 ACSketch1
 logo options


On option 1, the font used has a solid weight that gives a secure, trusted appearance that needs to be conveyed to new/potential clients. It has been slightly customized and with line going through to denote “clean”. A wave is also incorporated, both to represent water and the AC signal used by the technology. Option 2 represents the technology itself, with the electric signal going through the water/pipes. Luke thought option 1 was right on.


The main color – red-orange, is used to express the power of the product and also to differentiate it from similar companies who usually use green and/or blue in their logos.

The Result.

ACLogo ACPhoto1 ACBusinessCard ACPhoto3 ACCaseStudies ACPhoto2

“I never met Grace Oris. Never talked to her on the phone. After looking at her online gallery of work, I knew she could design a logo for Acoustic that would jump right off the page.

I was right. After answering questions about the nature of our work (sending electricity through water to kill bacteria) and listing some logos I liked (Japan Radio Company, Roadway Trucking, FedEx) Grace replied with a logo that exceeded my requirements – it is bright, it is bold, it is unlike anything else in the water treatment industry and, best of all, it does not look like it came from a logo mill.

The feedback from clients has been 100% positive. The colors, the fonts, the ‘attitude’ is exactly right, and they remember Acoustic Water Treatment Services.”

Charles “Luke” Lukey  –AWTS, Seattle