Yesterday probably wasn’t either and tomorrow could even be worse. Yup, so much for a motivational intro.

Did you get that latest rejection yet? You know, the one you were so hoping you wouldn’t get but dreading you would anyway? And it doesn’t surprise you anymore. If it still surprises you, then you haven’t received enough rejections. Perhaps six more (!) and… there you have it. The one that indeed surprises you, makes your mouth as wide as a watermelon slice, makes you jump up and scream “yaaaaasssssss!!!” And isn’t that just glorious?

Because the harder you work, the longer you wait, the sweeter the reward.


You’re not there yet. You’re still here. Sending application after application, posting artwork after artwork, creating this after that. Hoping for that job, that gig, that commission, those sales, more likes, more follows. But here’s something you’re missing. You know those little things you do to tweak and change your work to make them better? They’re all adding up and making YOU better. You may not notice it but you’re actually working harder now and becoming better at what you do and essentially you’re growing up. (Yes you could be 41 but numbers don’t necessarily translate to maturity. Go on, stick out your tongue at me. See?) 

We’re strange creatures. We think we’ve already done everything, done our best, dug up and used up all we had. But really, there’s more in there. Dig deeper, scrape harder, squeeze out that last drop. And we suddenly find we’re better than this, stronger than this, bigger than this.

Our lives are works of art. Art looks beautiful when you have light and shadow in the right places and tediously flat when there are no shadows at all. We need those shadows in there. What would life be then if not dull, unremarkable and mind-numbingly boring?

So, hang in there. Suck it up. Your day will come. I promise.

P.S. See that painting up top? I did that during one of my “bad” days. If you want a copy for yourself and/or a friend, you can get it here and I’ll love you for it. Nah, I already love you just for coming over and reading this, so I’ll love you MORE for it 🙂