Current Skill Level 1

Creature - Drouboon

Hello world! I’m putting this up as my first post to serve as a benchmark showing my current skill level in pencil and creature design. I hope to  see major improvement in the coming months.

“Drouboons are large, omnivorous creatures found mostly in forests. They are wild and dangerous but every few years, one chooses to approach a human to which he or she becomes docile and fiercely loyal. This bonding, called “Kmet” is not clearly understood. I have not yet met one Droubic who could explain the process.

A distinctive feature is the horn which the Drouboon uses to attack when he or his master is threatened. I have found mention of three Kmeti warpairs in the Forbidden Histories. Drouboons seem to possess some kind of powers that manifested during the two Origin Wars but these are only vaguely referenced.”