Making Progress

A month and a half ago, I did a Kylo Ren painting (see below) and was pretty pleased with myself. Since then, I thought I’ve learned a few things about painting so I tried again today and I am happy to see a great deal of improvement. There’s so much …

Art of the Blue

I often turn to imagining what goes on in the lives of strangers. While scrolling through my Instagram feed last year, I was trying to picture what some of the artists were like, based on their art (I still do). Suddenly it struck me, why don’t I just ask? Maybe …

Master Studies 4-6

Study 4 – Hans Gude, Innseilingen Til Christiania Study 5 – Andreas Achenbach, Storm on the sea at the Norwegian coast Study 6 – Sawrey Gilpin, The Grey Arab

Master Studies 1-3

First master studies. Top is study of Albert Bierstadt’s Kings River Canyon, California. Following are studies of  Herbert James Draper’s Lamia and Hans Gude’s Fra Vossevangen. I limit myself to one hour each and no color picking.

Current Skill Level 1

Hello world! I’m putting this up as my first post to serve as a benchmark showing my current skill level in pencil and creature design. I hope to  see major improvement in the coming months. “Drouboons are large, omnivorous creatures found mostly in forests. They are wild and dangerous but …