Art of the Blue

I often turn to imagining what goes on in the lives of strangers. While scrolling through my Instagram feed last year, I was trying to picture what some of the artists were like, based on their art (I still do). Suddenly it struck me, why don’t I just ask? Maybe others would also be interested to know. And that’s how Art of the Blue was born. It actually surprised me that five of the six I first asked were willing to share their stories beside their artwork! I don’t know how long I can keep doing this, but as long as there are artists willing to share their stories and their art, and even more wanting to read and be inspired to become better artists, I will keep it up.

I’m almost done with the January-February issue and it will be out soon. The cover art is by Lenny Wen Please subscribe here so you get a note that it’s ready for download. You may also download previous issues if you haven’t yet. Would you like to share your art and story on Art of the Blue? Please email me.