You know that dreamlike feeling you get when you’re drawn into an imaginative movie, an engaging tale or an exciting role-playing game? Yes, the charm of fantasy. Is it because our real lives aren’t interesting enough? Or perhaps life gets too much to handle that a few hours away from it allows us to regain the strength to get back in. Or maybe we just wish for things to be black and white, to know at the outset the good from the evil, the hero from the villain.

Fantasy has fascinated me probably since I learned to read books. Images play like movies in my mind while I read. I imagined I could be a fantasy writer too, but then I thought, why bother writing a thousand words when a picture would suffice? Besides, I find painting a lot more fun. I portray the creatures that roam my imagination and create fantasy worlds and places.¬†And I invite you to come visit. I’d like to believe that you and I are enchanted by fantasy so that when we compare it with our realities, we either look forward with hope for a better world, or we can be grateful for all we have in this one.