“I Made This”

It’s easy to grab a great-looking logo from Logopond or from some random designer’s portfolio.

It’s easy to copy that logo exactly and reproduce it in a vector format.

It’s easy to make money from it – $5 on Fiverr or $500 on Crowdspring, if you’re lucky.

The cheaters, the thieves, the rip-off artists – they want easy. And in this unjust world, they do find a measure of success.

But those who truly make it as designers and creators? They don’t do easy.

They do the hard work –

The research and brainstorming.
The sketching.
The hundred concepts and iterations.
The deliberate addition or deletion of a seemingly tiny detail.

The list goes on.

But at the end of it all is the pure and guiltless satisfaction of saying, “I made this”.

If you can say that every time for each design you present, you can rightly call yourself a designer and creator. And you are going to make it.

  • July 8th, 2015 /