How do you choose the one thing you’d love to be doing for years and years?

Find your passion. Pick a niche. Specialize. It’s tough to choose, not knowing if what we pick will lead to success. And so we search for “how to’s”. While following step-by-step instructions can help, at the end of it, we still don’t know if it will lead to success. And doubt lingers as to whether that choice is what we really want.

For those looking for a how to, here’s “how to pick your design specialization”:

1)   Choose the field you’re best at and are happy doing (if you don’t know that yet, you haven’t spent enough time designing so step 1 for you is go design as many logos, posters, websites, cards, etc. as you can and you’ll find out)

2)   Imagine yourself doing that 5, 10, 15 years from now. Do you feel contented or do you cringe at the thought? If the former, great. If the latter, try another field. (Of course it’s possible to have a change in interest somewhere down the road so don’t let this limit you. It’s also possible that you really are happier doing more than one thing…)

3)   Search out successful people in the field you’re aiming for. Check out their work, read their blogs, ask them insightful questions and advice.

4)   If you still want that specialty, go for it. If not, try another.

Now let’s try doing it backwards by answering these:

1) Why do I design?

2) Who do I want to design for?

3) How can my designs help them?

4) What kind of designs do these people really need? And there’s your answer.

The smarter, (and tougher) way is to ask the WHY?–Why should you do this? Why is this something people need? Why and how can this change their lives?

  • March 11th, 2014 /