Why red?

The other day, I was informed of a client’s final decision on their logo (not done by me). I was baffled by the color choice, knowing a little about the organization (I was working on another project for them). Of course, I had no say on the matter.

The thing is, designers are often quick to judge others’ work, imagining we could have done a better job. It’s natural. But what I think is improper – if not amateurish– is to show the whole world your unsolicited design, it’s like subtly saying, “Hey, I did a better job, you should have hired me.” (I’m sure you’ve seen those design “redesigns”, probably did some yourself) or worse, telling the client they could have had it for much less (think design contests, $5 logos, etc.).

While the designer wannabe has full creative freedom (actually, he need not think beyond the aesthetics), the designer or design agency hired by the client has a broader view of the project from the major down to the minute requirements. He knows and respects those limits and he has justified his design choices to the client. He does not need to justify them to you or me, nor should he care to. And if the client is satisfied? End of story. At least, it should be.

Do you sometimes feel the urge to redesign something new and popular? Go ahead, do it for your training. But keep it to yourself. Or better yet, pour that energy into creating something new and making it popular. The world needs those more.

  • February 17th, 2014 /