We don’t have time

To do what we love? To work towards our dreams? To create something better than good enough? To learn something new? To help someone improve her work?

Actually, we do.

My daughter’s bike broke down on a day stuffed with looming project deadlines, dishes left unwashed and endless to-do’s. Her face scrunched up and near to tears, I got the tools and fixed it. Took me half an hour.

When your nose is stuffed, your throat sore, your head aches and all you want to do is sleep, you decide your work can wait. You sleep for four hours–during the day, on a weekday.

You get a 500 Internal Server Error – that’s when the web elves tell you something’s wrong but don’t tell you what it is – when you check your website. Suddenly you have an hour to fix it.

We have time, or we make time. Somehow, we always do for emergencies.

What keeps us from making time for those other things that matter?

  • February 10th, 2014 /