I put up this website simply so I could show my work. The blog had no real purpose. Three years later (too long!), I realize it’s selfish of me to remain a reader and keep everything I’ve learned to myself.

So this blog is now officially a project. And this project is about being, doing and learning. I’ll be writing mainly about design, life and work, with the underlying theme of pursuing excellence.

When you and I actively go for our potential, we are better equipped to help others do the same. Imagine a world filled with better people!

I’ll keep the metrics to myself but below are a few of the major things I’d like to see within the year:

> Lots of new posts, and if a post inspires even just one reader to move a step forward, that would be awesome.

> Committed readers, who may or may not always agree with me but are still on the same path as I am.

> A consistently updated portfolio that proves I am a better designer than I was yesterday.

I’m turning off comments but your thoughts and feedback are very welcome so, write me

  • January 27th, 2014 /