When they don’t say “Thank You!”

You wrapped up his project months ago. He emails you now, asking what were those CMYK values again? He needs it ASAP. You know you sent all that information at the close of the project. But, being the nice guy that you are, you stop what you’re doing and laboriously dig up project files and those CMYK values from your hard drive and send it along.

You don’t hear from him again. No thanks, just silence.

An aspiring designer contacts you and asks for advice about this and that. You gladly craft a long and very thoughtful response because you so want to help her avoid your mistakes and be successful.

You don’t hear from her again. No thanks, another silence.

Passing the salt gets an easy “thank you” and it only takes two seconds of your time. You wonder, almost angrily, why you don’t even get a quick thank you email for going out of your way and spending (or was it wasting?) a lot of time just to help. You start feeling bitter. More of this and you resolve not to help anymore.


Be helpful whether you are met with gratitude or not.

“The deed is everything, the glory naught.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  • March 5th, 2013 /