Doing It Different

Design has its own dos and don’ts but there are always fresh ways to do things. We probably just haven’t tried it yet.

Here’s a video of some awesome guitar-playing. It’s definitely not how one learns to play a guitar and it’s not even “correct”. If you started learning to play the guitar this way, bizarre fingering and all (more like playing the piano), someone passing by would say “that’s not how to do it, let me show you” and he proceeds to teach you the “right” way. But watch and listen to the beauty of “wrong” playing.

It’s not that you shouldn’t learn and do things the carefully correct way. But lately, have you tried doing things a little out of the ordinary? How about using this font with that? mixing this color with that? applying this texture on that?

What you end up with could be the very thing that will make your work stand out.

  • March 20th, 2013 /