The Week Links #2


This week’s links:
If you need to brush up on your type vocabulary, here’s a glossary:

Apparently IP theft already existed in the 1930’s: The Font Wars.

Do you believe that Graphic Design has been devalued by clients? Join the poll: The Sad State of Design, 2012.


Love this ad campaign (Leo Burnett, Hong Kong):


Introducing the Perceptive Pixel active stylus that “delivers an entirely natural on-screen drawing or writing experience without the need to toggle between input modes.” Although I doubt we’ll ever get rid of our trusty pencil and paper.


We can now expect weekly email digests from Twitter unless you wish to change your notification settings. This sounds very helpful especially when you follow a lot of people. I’ll wait for the first before I decide to receive these it or not.
And here’s a word of advice to take some stress off client interaction: be the expert.

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