Inspiration vs over-inspiration

design-inspiration  and rip offs

There’s a huge difference between the two beyond those five characters. The latter has been introduced into the designer’s vocabulary yet we know it still means copying.

If you’re inspired, you get to do your best work. You are noted for originality and creativity.

If you’re over-inspired, it’s a lot easier because it’s less work for you, someone else did the thinking. You may get some commendation, that is, until another designer points out a very similar design. And unless it truly was a coincidence (and you’ll have to prove it), there goes your reputation.

We’re all encouraged to look at other designers’ work but immersing oneself too much on inspiration can easily lead us to create clones.

True inspiration means better and more creative designs from you. Over-inspiration is ten steps backward for you.

  • May 30th, 2012 /

2 Comments to “Inspiration vs over-inspiration”

  1. Graeme says:


    Amateur here! I spoke to Grace about a friend who had seen a design AFTER I had put together my first idea. A similar company set up quite close to their’s and they like their web site. They wanted it to be the same but I wasn’t sure, I studied the design and sort of emulated it but, in my opinion the new site is better! (wow listen to me) but I didn’t exactly copy the design.

    Best wishes

  2. Grace Oris says:

    Thanks Graeme. Sometimes I start by copying just to jumpstart my creativity when I lack inspiration. The final result ends up totally different. Good to hear yours ended up different and better too 🙂

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