Design pricing in the third world

design pricing in the third world

If you live in the third developing world but work for clients in the first, you can charge for design work as if their businesses were just across the street. Or, you can charge based on where they actually are—across the ocean. The problem with the first is that clients will think you are cheap and won’t value you or your work as they should. That’s because they hire you as if your studio was just across their street. The problem with the second is you will feel guilty charging what you think is an obscene amount for a “simple” job. That’s because you’re thinking in terms of where you live. You can’t help that and I don’t advise you to dismiss that fact either.

The tricky part is finding that balance between charging more so you don’t look cheap and charging enough so you don’t feel greedy. Add to the equation the reality that a lot of us are leaving our native lands for “greener pastures.” If you decide to become one of those who leave, it would be awkward to charge $60 per hour today (because now you have to) when you were only charging $15 yesterday (because that was enough then). But whatever, figure out how much your work is truly worth and find that balance.

What do you think? Are you comfortable with your rates now and how did you come up with them? Please share in the comments.

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