Is Your Client About to Fire You?

Work better. Is your client about to fire you?

I had a chat with one of my clients recently. He hinted that he was about to fire someone who has worked for him for two years now (not a designer). It seems that that someone was starting to develop bad work habits. My client was already  looking for a replacement. Poor “someone”, but I understand my client’s side. You hire somebody and pay him/her to do the best work possible.

For us designers, there’s always something we can improve about our work. What we create today should be better than yesterday’s. How we work tomorrow should also be better than how we worked today. The trick is to be consistently better, not just consistently good. At a certain point, we might just be doing the firing—because we’re so good, the client can no longer afford us. Or if the client has to let us go, it should be for some other reason than sloppy work or poor work habits.

Have you seen any improvement in your work or work habits lately? Do share and I sure hope we don’t get ourselves fired.


  • November 10th, 2011 /

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