Do you (or does your client) really need a logo?

coke in arial

This may sound a bit strange coming from me, a logo designer. But really, not every business, website, blog or person needs a logo. Some points to consider:


Probably not (yet) if…

■ You are only doing this on the side for friends and family and not meaning to make it a full-time business, like doing photography over the weekends. You can make do with your initials for a watermark on your photos.

■ Your product or service is very limited in audience and you can get by with repeat customers and referrals. If you bake cookies at home and sell these in your neighborhood, everybody knows it’s you who makes them. You don’t need a logo to tell them that.


Yes you do if…

■ There are loads of others doing the same thing that you do and going after the same customers you want. Having a logo that stands out from the rest will make a world of difference.

■ You plan to do a lot of networking (you’ll be giving out your business cards) and promoting (you’ll be giving out marketing materials and promotional items). You’ll need to have a logo on all those and get serious about your identity and branding.

■ You plan on staying in business for decades and growing it into a national or even a global brand. Can you imagine “Coca-Cola” simply spelled out in Arial on their bottles? Without a professionally designed logo and the branding that follows, what will your product or service look like 10 years from now?



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  • November 23rd, 2011 /

2 Comments to “Do you (or does your client) really need a logo?”

  1. Giles Farrow says:

    I have been mulling over this question myself.

    My company is a one-person consultancy = me.

    I don’t want to pretend to be a big company, I son’t want to project an image as being fake.

    So I’m thinking of using a photo of me, instead of a logo.

  2. Grace Oris says:

    Thanks for reading, Giles. I just want to point out that since a logo is only a part, you’ll still have to consider the much larger, “brand” before coming to a decision. Seth Godin can pull it off without a logo. He uses his photo (and his head). On the other hand, others like Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income use logos but don’t sound big or “fake” at all.

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