Waiting for the Push

waiting for the push

Have you noticed that sometimes, we do our best work when something or someone else pushes us to? Or discover that when it’s urgent, we are actually able to do something that we never before thought we could? That push could be a client, competition, disaster or even boredom.

I’m working on a project that I initially gave a good enough but very boring design. It’s embarrassing when it’s the client who has to push to make one come up with something better. The encouragement was effective but then I realized I could have done something great from the start. Why did I wait for the push?

If we have to wait for a catalyst to bring out our very best, we put something between us and our talent. Our best work is within reach yet we wait for something else—something we usually can’t control—to get it out for us. Yes let’s be thankful for things that and people who motivate us but let’s not wait because, they aren’t always there. We are, and we can just push ourselves.


  • September 30th, 2011 /

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