Being In the “Crowd” Only Makes You a Slave


Here’s a little fiction.

The morning was chilly. We all stood there, all 432 of us, expectantly waiting for what this latest personage had to say. Our chief, not exactly beloved, had a smug smile plastered on his face. He would get much coin from this one, I was sure. Better than the last. This new fellow was well groomed and looked very warm and comfortable in all that fur.

There was a hush as the man started to speak. The reward was more than any of us had ever won before. What he wanted done sounded easy. I could feel the excitement rippling through the crowd. We couldn’t wait to start working. Finally, he dismissed us with a flick of the hand. We all bowed and left for our workbenches. Eager to please. Eager to win that astounding reward. I prayed the gods let me win this time…


Here are some facts:

You are one among many.
You don’t go by your real name, you use a Username.
You are very good at Photoshop and Illustrator.
You have joined 377 design contests.
You won 13 of them.
You lost 364.
You average 8 entries per contest.
You have created more than 3000 designs since you started 4 months ago.
You averaged $238 per win.
You don’t know the real names of 95% of “your” clients.
They don’t know your real name either, and that doesn’t bother them one bit.
You are faceless and nameless in the crowd.

You aren’t successful. You’re only a willing slave.

Isn’t it time you left the crowd?

  • September 12th, 2011 /

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