The Downside of Re-Branding

it’s still being spoofed…
by Hamad Sharif, posted 7-31-2011 on Deviantart


Pepsi has branded itself with  11 logos so far, including the current one. It’s been almost three years now since Pepsi did a re-brand with a bizarre design process  to back it up. Three years before that saw another re-brand.

I would honestly welcome another one soon, hoping this time it will be something more iconic. Better yet, I wish they would just bring back the 1970 logo.



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2 Comments to “The Downside of Re-Branding”

  1. John Beatty says:


    That’s great, have not seen it before.

    I agree the old Pepsi logo looks nicer!

  2. Grace Oris says:

    Hey John. Yup it does. I still wonder why they thought it needed changing then.

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