Logo Spotlight – Sabienzia

We designers are inspired by one another so I’d like to start featuring logo/branding work by other designers that caught my eye.

First up is Sabienzia Technologies, identity design by René Bieder.

“Sabienzia is a dynamic and international enterprise that combines a team with more than 20 years of expertise in the area of teleworking, unified communication, virtualization, advanced analytics and IT for green.”

Click here to view the project  and here for more of René Bieder’s work.


  • July 14th, 2011 /

6 Comments to “Logo Spotlight – Sabienzia”

  1. Muneeb Ahmad says:

    I’m simply blown away by the top-quality design, clearly they are fantastic designers. The font is certainly catchy too, I think I have it already but if not I definitely need to! I also wonder how they managed to make the twisty ‘S’ vector they’ve used in the logo, it’s very unique.

    Thanks for showcasing this Grace. 🙂

  2. Grace Oris says:

    My pleasure, Muneeb. René does type as well. You might want to follow his work on Behance too.

  3. Muneeb Ahmad says:

    Thanks for the suggestion Grace. Are you a member of Behance? Is it worth signing up to?

  4. Grace Oris says:

    Yes I am, although I’m not so active as yet but I think it’s worth it. Since I’m keeping this site focused on identity/branding, my Behance portfolio is where I can show my other design projects. It’s worth a try, if you’re up to maintaining more than one portfolio.

  5. Muneeb Ahmad says:

    Thank you, I will need to check it out further. I’m just worried that I might not have enough time to keep it all maintained like you were saying. 🙂

  6. Grace, I was looking for some inspiration too. It’s a great design. The smallest details make it work perfectly. It show’s strength, but also creativity. The link to the project details is amazing. Great workflow and a tutorial in great design.