Art and Design in the Family


grace oris - art vs design in the family

I’m delighted to see my 7-year old son starting to show artistic inclinations. I have artist cousins and second-cousins so I’m convinced it must  run in the blood. My son thinks I’m an artist. I have not yet told him otherwise.

This poster by Ryan Kindinger interestingly simplifies things (and adds advertising to the equation), but might raise even more questions from a child. I think I’ll avoid those for now.

  • June 13th, 2011 /

2 Comments to “Art and Design in the Family”

  1. Muneeb Ahmad says:

    Aww, clearly you have raised him well Grace! ^_^

    I can’t say the same here, no one in my family is really any good at design! But who knows, maybe these things develop on later in life for them. One can hope right? 😛

  2. Grace Oris says:

    Thanks Muneeb.

    Well, personally I think artistic ability is mostly talent but can be learned (much like music). An eye for design, on the other hand can definitely be developed later in life and reinforced with study. I’m living proof! 🙂