Why Doctors are more Successful than Designers

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There’s something about doctors that makes us feel deferential towards them. Sadly, that’s hardly the case for graphic designers.

I brought my daughter to the hospital for a check-up yesterday. While waiting her turn, I observed some reasons why doctors are more successful than most designers.


1. Doctors specialize, and then sub-specialize.

2. Doctors exude confidence. We (almost) always trust them instinctively.

3. We don’t tell doctors what to do. They tell us and we (almost) always follow orders.

4. During emergencies when we call them, they come. But more often than not, it’s us who go to them.

5. Doctors diagnose first, then prescribe a solution. Never the other way around.

6. We don’t haggle with them about their fees. We simply pay and say, “Thank you, doctor.”

7. Doctors don’t need to advertise. Their business comes either from referrals or they are the only ones in their respective fields (see no. 1).

8. We will (almost) always go back to the same doctor if our problem recurs.


But surely, success isn’t limited to doctors, don’t you think?



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6 Comments to “Why Doctors are more Successful than Designers”

  1. Ryan Berry says:

    As a designer/Artist with two doctors as parents…

    Right on the money… now lets do it in the design field!

  2. Grace Oris says:

    I’m with you, Ryan. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hey Grace: This is some wonderful insight into a lot of various realms of design. Tweeting to my followers and sharing on facebook. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Grace Oris says:

    Hi Timothy, thank you!

  5. Jackie | Sweet Little Thrills says:

    I found myself nodding my head along as I was reading… you’re so right! The specialization and confidence are a must for designers. No one can possibly do everything, and clients won’t trust an unsure designer!

  6. Grace Oris says:

    Very well said Jackie. Thank you for leaving a comment.