When the Earth was Flat

Fear. I could almost smell it. Like a hungry lion getting ready for the kill. From the sailors down to the galley slaves. We had a shouting match earlier with Archelaus, their leader. He swore he’d have my head if we got out of this adventure alive. I cursed my master for putting me on this ship. To hell with his theories and experiments!

The storm had caught us by surprise. Terrible though it was, we managed to stay alive, but not all. One had jumped overboard and was instantly lost amid the driving rain and gigantic waves. It was impossible to save him. His mad ravings were still ringing in my ears. He would rather fall into the depths and into the arms of Amphitrite than go over the world’s edge into the unknown. I cursed again.

Close to dawn now. The fading glow of stars were peeping through the clouds and mist. But the thought of daylight seemed to hold little hope for the men. They were mostly silent, spoke in hushed tones or mumbled entreaties to the gods and goddesses. Nikandros,  the ship captain — a madman they said, for none other would sail beyond the known limits — stood beside me and gazed above at the unfamiliar constellations. It would be much worse to fall over the edge at night, he said with a hint of a smile. I grinned back. Well, let’s just hope my master is right.

Flat Earth 1

This is the first of my Flat Earth series. A higher resolution of this photo manipulation can be found at my DA account.



  • January 14th, 2011 /