When the Earth was Flat II

They wouldn’t dare walk with me any further. The Red Forest had been held in fear for many generations. Only a few had ever ventured in and none had returned. It was always believed that there was nothing but the Sun and nothingness on the other side. Legend has it that Cairbre the Strong went into the Red and because he couldn’t see through the mist, fell over the World’s Edge into the Sun. Since the legend also said that no one was brave enough to go with him, I had always asked, who came back and told the story? and why did everyone believe it was true?

But as a matter of fact, I questioned a lot of the tribe’s beliefs. I guess I went too far last night.

Of course I understood their anger. I had humiliated the entire tribe in front of a guest, that wrinkled and evil-looking creature who called himself a priest. I turned and looked at him. I couldn’t help myself, I laughed. His eyes flashed.

I gazed at Edan, dearest Edan, my little brother. Although he was definitely not little anymore. He had begged to come with me but I refused. To reassure him, I swore on our parents’ graves that I would come back. He believed me. He smiled now. I would miss him but I knew I would see him again.

I turned and stepped into the mist.


Just a quick photomanipulation here. You can view and download the hi-res version at DeviantArt.

  • January 25th, 2011 /